Mary Ellen Egen, from Forbes Woman, interviews Le Mae Allen De Jongh, Managing Director Accenture about the key findings of Accenture's survey.

What do Millennial women want?

Millennials represent the third of the workforce today, and it's only increasing.

Women are almost half of the workforce today.

How do millennial women define a successful career?

3 Key Findings for leading companies  :

  • TO LISTEN : a majority of women are very confident they can strike the balance and have a very rewarding professional as well as personal life.

  • TO RESPOND : women value medical benefits and flexibility in career path over other key drivers.

  • TO DEVELOP TRAINING  : harvest the confidence they have  and offer taylor leadership development programs. So that young women  can exploit the strength that they have and be successful once they reach the top positions.

The Next Generation of Women at the work place have a high level of self confidence, right now.They believe they can "have it all", and achieve life /work" flow."

If we want that trend to be sustainable, leading companies need to give them what they want :

  •  Flexibility, in terms of career path or benefits.
  •  Taylored Leadership Development Trainings

What does it have to do with Communication Skills?

I believe communication skills are one of the key skills of leadership today, more than ever.

Do you know The Five "Cs" of Success in Leadership, according to Pepsico's CEO, Indra Nooyi ?

  1. Competence (damn good at getting results)
  2. Confidence (to have the courage to make tough calls) 
  3. Communication skills (to convey your vision and direction) 
  4. Compass (pointed North to your true values) 
  5. Coaching (finding supportive, encouraging and blunt mentors)

If Millennial women can benefit from taylored Leadership Development Training and Coaching, then they will be successful leaders in our future.

They already have the competence and the compass!

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