Photo women lyon

Here is the Front Page of a French Magazine, March 2010.
I found it last Thursday, as I was waiting for a business meeting, at the hotel lounge.

What attracted me was the title
« Femmes lyonnaises : celles qui prennent le pouvoir! »

Women in Lyon : women in charge ( literally women who take the Power!)
Also the Top 50 most influential women…

Ok, why not, I was curious and took the magazine while waiting for my appointment.

Two remarks:

  • The picture is a very sexy woman’s  naked back, with a dress you would only wear on
    Oscar ceremony or festival de Cannes.
    What does it have to do with women leaders and women ‘s influence?
    I guess a man must have designed this front page, for other men…


  •  Second remark: the little header before the big headline
    Les Hommes vont en baver!

    Now, that’s really shocking.
    It means  » men are going to suffer »
    (literally :men are going to drool)
    The content of the magazine reflected the cover, not worth mentioning here.
    On this women’s month, I wanted to blog about the distorted representation of women and power in the media.

Waiting for your comments!

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