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It’s all about Power and the Joy of Shared Power!

« I’d like to banish the widely held myth that women are uncomfortable with power, that we aren’t in touch with our power or don’t like wielding our power. These statements are not true, and they damage the credibility of women. »...read more here

« Women grow up with archetypes of Cinderella like characters waiting for someone else to deliver a shoe or some other key to happiness. Our real lives are influenced by these stories and other cultural messages about what we can or cannot do without a more powerful figure, often times a man, to help us. As women we must overcome these longstanding iconic stories and images that are paired with less than equal rights and less than equal abilities to participate fully in life outside the home. We need to find, create, be, and act in accordance with heroines who make our way in the world with the power of our own two feet clad in shoes that get us where we want to go. » …Read more here

What are you doing to become visible?
One of the strongest comments made about the average professional woman is their reluctance to step up, engage and make themselves visible. The creativity required to dream up the excuses I hear from these ladies alone, suggests their inner capabilities. They are first class.Women are long-term relationship builders so this is an area in which they should excel, but yet they still hold back. This of course means that there are a reduced number of visible female role models to emulate at all levels, not just at the top … Read more here

« The job of leadership in times such as these requires the kind of grit that Norma Rae showed as she climbed upon her table and stood her ground.  In these times, change means hard work, hard heads, hard times and tender hearts.   And it’s not about one or two people leading everyone else out of the wilderness either.  We are all responsible.  We must all find a new way of being in the world. Those who lead  will have a vision of the future. » … Read more here

Nancy Folbre, economics professor at University of Massachusetts Amherst, recently posted an article in the New York Times titled « The Declining Demand for Men ». I just know there were a few women who smiled when they saw that title.

The article reflected on the fact that we are seeing a downturn in traditional male jobs and an increase in jobs traditionally held by women. Manufacturing jobs are declining and health and education jobs are increasing. Dr. Folbre calls it « the feminization of employment.

Further, she raises the question, why don’t men simply move into women’s jobs? » Read more here

  • Cherry Woodburn at Borderless Thinking, asks: « Bro’s Hugs Bad? »21st Century Leadership. Sister Cherry’s Hugs are good for me!!! Read her generous, uplifting, no nonsense & vibrant article:

« It’s time to rethink our view of power, emotions and and leadership. This is particularly important as the number of women increases in the workplace and in leadership positions. Why? Because a stereotype of women is that they’re more emotional than men and are viewed as the weaker sex because of that.

Such garbage and propaganda.  Women all over the world stand up for their rights even after being beaten and raped. Women do what’s needed to take care of their families. Women are both strong and emotional. The two are not mutually exclusive.

That strength and emotions aren’t mutually exclusive is understood for men and what are traditionally viewed as male emotions – anger and aggression. “Whereas emotional reactions and aggressive behavior are interpreted as “passion” or “positive power” in a male, women run a greater risk of having more negative labels attached to similar behaviors exhibited by male counterparts.” …read more here

You will be able to join part 2 in January, at Germane Insights

  • Marion Chapsal (that’s me!) eventually expresses her indignation and « fedupness » with Apocalyptic announcements of The End of Men, both from a woman’s and a French perspective, both sides of The Atlantic, both sides of the gender!

Power is an unlimited ressource, to be tapped in both by men and women.

Read It’s Not The End of Man, It’s the Rising of Human.

There’s no scarcity of power. We don’t have to compete for it. We can collaborate and create ways to cooperate and learn to dance together!

If you want to read more about how we can achieve that, I can only advise you to download Avivah Wittenberg-Cox fantastic Change This manifesto, available in pdf here, Forget Cinderella, Find Fred Astaire

  • Last, but not least: you’ve all heard about the Power of Three. Just think of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz and the way she achieves to get back home by clicking 3 times on the heels of her ruby red power shoes!

New! 3Plus International LinkedIn Group, co-created by 3 fairy Godmothers, Dorothy Dalton, Anne Perschel and Lise Moen.

What is 3Plus International?

3Plus International is creating a space for professional women to step up and take charge of their own careers with support from mentors and sponsors. It is a place where senior women pay it forward by sharing what they’ve learned and providing aspiring women with access to important networks.

Why 3Plus?

Research shows that when there are more than 3 ( 3Plus) women at any level – there are significant changes to traditional male focused dynamics. More than 3 women at any level, can achieve significantly more than one lone woman in a group

What’s our mission?

« We are committed to ensuring that more bright savvy accomplished women have seats at senior leadership tables, on boards, in their own ventures and where ever they aspire to be. 3Plus will be the place, in virtual space, to see and be seen as women of influence. In our first few hours online we’ve engaged in a lively and rich discussion of women’s willingness to invest in our own career advancement and about the visible absence of women in positions of influence. »

We are a highly interactive, engaged and action oriented community. Please join us by clicking here

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