Pink blossom After a Spring break, I'm back with my Women Speakers Series, ready to blog about Women, Leadership and Creativity.

Women in big corporations, or women entrepreneurs?

Women learning to play the rules in a men's world or women creating their own rules, in a new world?

What about new learning, women adopting new technologies with ancient wisdom? Women embracing change with confidence, wild and raw power and generous enthusiasm in a global world?

Too many topics, too many tags, too many categories. What about the focus I had decided at the end of last year? Women Leaders and Presentation Skills?

Time to pause and reflect.

What happened?

During the last two weeks, mother nature has been very
generous with us, at home, in France.

  • Our family expanded. My husband 's eldest daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby boy , we
    all went to visit her in Arcachon, near Bordeaux
  • Back home, we spent one week taking care of our garden, harvesting 
    the blossoming flowers and trees  with our …seven children. 
  • I took a break from blogging and put my professional project on hold.

Our home has been a busy beehive! I gave myself 100% to my family's needs and adapted myself to the telluric changes such an event meant into our lives, for my husband and me, too.

What did I learn?

  • I reflected on women's ages and aging, took comfort in reading the wisdom of older women. I connected with plenty of wonderful young grand-mothers, around me and on twitter and shared experiences with them.I met Julie Daley and her wonderful blog and passion for the creative power of women.
  • I discovered a whole new world and also realized I had still a long way to go, to get my youngest ones (and the big ones too!) ready for adulthood.
  • I was reminded that time was running. I was not ready to become a retired grand-ma.I had still plenty of things to accomplish.I felt torn between a sense of eternity and emergency.

What are the challenges today?

Feeding my big family, making money out of my business, living my talk and empowering myself, as a woman.

  • I received two major training and consulting offers, which will imply transformation in my business, more travels, shifts in my clients. It took me back to my past expertise, to the corporate world and big business schools and universities. Is it what I wanted to spend the rest of my days doing? The clients who called me wanted me to coach men senior managers. How am I going to fit in all? Where does Geronimo fit ? Where is my soul?
  • I also reflected on my experience with "Your Next Presentation", the innovative and interactive online training and coaching tool I had launched back in January. People seemed to be very curious and interested, but nobody bought it! I was also very shy at promoting it, almost ashamed of making a sales page, of tweeting and blogging about it. Having very mixed feelings about marketing techniques for coaches, and still looking for my true way to sell, being kind and entertaining, and not too pushy, but still selling! I still very much believe it can work, provided I find the way to market it to the people who need it!

Who are the people I want to spend most time working with?

  • Who are my customers? Corporate executives, MBA students, high potential managers? Am I really writing for those when I'm blogging, when I'm twitting? When I'm building cooperation via Skype with wonderful brilliant women across the world?
  • Or women entrepreneurs? Women in transition, just like me, just like you, women consultants, coaches, trainers, business owners who desperately want to prove they can make it, even if it's an everyday chalenge? To blossom as a woman, as a mom as a business owner, as a peaceful warrior, as global citizen, as a creative human being?

Wow! I needed a big breathing space to think about it all!

Today, everybody's back to school with new classes (the 3
youngest), to university with new exams (3 oldest),back home with a new
baby (the new mom), back to the corporate world with new projects( my
hubby) and back to Geronimo Leadership for me!

Where's my North Pole Star? What's my vision? What are my priorities? What's my next step?

Why am I writing all this?

Because Geronimo is slowly morphing into a new Geronima, a feminine creative essence of the wild woman 's wisdom.

And sharing the process of this transformation is exactly what I want to spend my time doing during the next half of my life.

Giving birth to the new Eve and being the midwife of other women's blossoming.

Because I am re-designing a new website, where I will package all my expertise to serve women entrepreneurs, who want to transform their dreams into reality, a step-by-step road-map, helping them keep their soul, their compass and their energy and have fun doing it!

The feminine Anima of Geronimo is emerging. I still have my bow and my arrows, I'm still riding my wild horse, but I don't have to pretend to be an old Male Apache Chief anymore.

Because I care for you and wanted to let you know the changes ahead.

I would love to hear your feedback and reactions to this post where I'm sharing my truth and my vulnerability. I really care for your feedback.

Transition places are not famous for being comfortable and in the midst of my life, I'm torn between conflicting directions again (like in the myth of Demeter and Artemis, I shared earlier in a post)

Here are 3 questions for you:

  1. What do you think about the change from Geronimo to Geronima?
  2. What would you like to find more of in this blog, now that it's more focused on women entrepreneurs and less on big corporations?
  3. Do you have a similar story you would like to share here? A story of transition or a challenge about positioning yourself, about finding your niche, about getting to know which client you want to work with?

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