In order to study Ursula Burns' communication style, I watched several videos of her.

It's incredible what we can have access to, now, thanks to the web.

I could even view a brilliant lecture, given by Ursula Burns at Whitman School of Management, Syracuse University, on May, 11th 2008. I felt like I was sitting in front of her, with the audience .

In this video, Ursula Burns shares her views on the challenges and opportunities facing leaders in
corporate America, in Berman Lecture Series.

“Lessons of Leadership: Bold Bets and Back to Basics."

Ursula_Burns speaks2008

It' a long speech (one hour). I just took notes for you via this MindMap of the six points she very clearly made, in order to visualize them and reflect.

Angela Burns' Leadership Map

Six Very Simple Things: Basics!

  • The Power of Communication
  • The Power of Culture
  • The Power of Vision
  • The Power of People
  • The Power of Customer
  • The Value of Leadership

As Angela Burns admits, she doesn't read a lot of business books. That 's why these 6 lessons make so much sense .

These lessons are taken from hard work, great results, dedicated people.

They don't come from leadership theories, but from years of experience. (Ursula Burns entered Xerox as an intern in the summer of 1980!)

No fancy words, Bold Bets and Back To Basics!

What can women and men too,learn from such a successful Role Model?

This applies for this major corporation, but I believe it boils down to the same basics, for a small business,for a team and for an individual.

Imagine you start on a coaching journey:

  • First, start by being blunt honest about who you are: clear communication about where you are NOW.
  • Look at your own "culture", your core values and beliefs.
  • Then  picture yourself at the front page (vision board exercise) "What would you want to read about yourselves? What great work are you going to do?" What do you want to be famous for? How do you want to be remembered?
  • People. "Good people aligned around a common goal could do just anything". Align yourself first with your values,around your vision, and then reach for others. Consolidate the basis.
  • Who are you serving? What's Your Mission?
  • Eventually, be a good leader of your life: consistent, honest,forceful and clear.

You will move mountains.

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Waiting eagerly for your comments and reactions!

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