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 Why do I follow @monedays?

For instance, because she posted this, 15 mn ago and I love it:

Safari 4

Monica's bio: "Speaker, author, coach and Organizational Consultant.  Loves life! Tweets, blogs and writes about life and organizations."

She's the author of Otheresteem "Regaining the Power to Value Others" 

She lives in Mexico and shares her support and laughters via Skype, with a warm and cheerful voice.

When I look at my categories, I tell myself they have flirting boundaries .

For instance, Monica:

  1. Monica is a Wise and Passionate Woman
  2. Monica is Warm-Hearted Sparkling Intelligence
  3. Monica is Kindness Love and Joy
  4. Monica is Creative and Artistic 

Yet, she embodies the most  "Women and Leadership"

If you download the mindmap, you will be able to click on each of the names I recommended, and make your own choice!

Et voilà! Qu'en pensez-vous?

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