When you prepare for Your Next presentation:

  1. Make it Simple

  2. Make it Short

  3. Make it Personal

  4. Make it Interactive

  5. Make it Collaborative

  6. Make it Fun!

Today’s lesson: Bring your Personality when you speak!

It’s Sunday afternoon and after a long and delicious traditional Sunday lunch, we’re relaxing by the fireplace, reading and listening to Glenn Gould playing Goldberg Variations by Bach.

The snow is gently falling on the vineyards and orchards, kids are playing. It smells Christmas cookies and I am sending tweets about my life, because I care about the new connections I have made online, and I believe they care, too. I care about the precious information, links to articles they share with me. But not only.

I value the discovery of a kaleidoscope of different life styles, cultures, languages, humour, sensitivities, social backgrounds, educations, visions of the world. Different Personalities.

Next time you prepare your presentation ,make it more personal, include a story involving you.

« It used to be that women thought they had to check their personalities
at the door. But the more you need to hide, the less fulfilled you’ll
be. We need to bring more of ourselves into that door, into our
workspace, so we feel more at home.  »

                                              Charlene Li (Co-author of Groundswell, thought leader on emerging technologies)

Why Personality matters?

When people start talking about what happens to them, they become real. You can identify and you feel connected, closer. I am not speaking about disclosing your private life and secret garden, but moving from strictly professional to « more of YOU » into your professional life.

Here are two examples of how to bring Personality into presentations.

If I tell you « Everyday Revolutionaries-Hot Mommas », don’t you want to know more about them ?

Rather than « Emerging Executive Women Leaders from Fortunes’s 500″…well, I do. Sounds a little less boring…

This is a personal presentation. Watch!


Watch also this excellent Presentation
where 40 extraordinary women tell their stories and how personality has
played a role in building their own successful careers and businesses. You may also recognize Kathy Korman Frey , Chief hot Momma from Hot Mommas Project ,the World’s largest library of virtual mentors & role models.

The Personality Project: Women of Personality 2

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