What YOU can learn from The Incredible Team

In 2004, Pixar ‘s « The Incredibles » won the oscar for best animated film.No wonder! It is crazy, brilliant, witty and satisfies both kids and adults alike (including me, best fan!)

Let me refresh your memory with the 5 main characters
Helen, Mrs Incredible


 Superhero name: « Elastigirl »

 « The mother of three, Helen Parr knows it takes superhuman skills to be a mom and hold the family together »- Official Pixar Website.



                                Bob  Mr Incredible


Mr Incredible’s primary superpower is super strength. His strength is of such dimensions that he can single-handedly lift a semi-truck with little difficulty.(!!!) He is married to Elastigirl (Helen Parr) and have three children together.





A withdrawn junior high school student, Violet doesn’t like being noticed and hides behind her black hair.
« When Violet learns she’s a force to be reckoned with, she pulls back her hair and allows her true self to shine »-Official Pixar Website.
Dash(The Incredibles)
The Dash


Dashiell Robert « Dash » Parr is a child superhero who can run at super speeds.
« Dash has a lot of energy and a competitive spirit, so finding constructive ways to blow off steam proves nearly impossible. His frustration is soon released, however, when circumstances lead him to discover the true meaning of his name »-Official Pixar Website.




« The baby of the Parr family, Jack-Jack is all unknown potential-a bundle of superhero posssibilities. »-Official Pixar Website


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