Put on your fancy costume and be ready to dance to the Jazz of this month’s carnival!

It’s all about Feminity and Masculinity, Man’s undercover mission in Ladies locker room, getting lost and finding our way in Labyrinths, Shift in Gender Roles,  a search for New Archetypes and a new language,  a search for Wholeness and Whole Selves, a search for The Jazz of Life! Enjoy!

What Is Feminity?

Marcia Reynolds at Huffington Post shares what feminity means for her and how does it relate to feminism. She questions each of us, looking at us in the eyes!

« My desire is that we look each other in the eyes and with a lovely sense of curiosity, seeking to know the person standing in front of you. Who is the person beyond the labels? What strengths, gifts, talents and perspectives does he or she bring to this moment right now? When we truly honor each other as humans, we are feminine in the sense of community and masculine in the sense of creating one human tribe. In this world, no one is better. We are one. »

Ladies Locker Room: Sneak a Peek If You Dare

Anne Perschel at Germane Consulting reveals for us what’s Inside a Women’s Mind… Read if you dare! She shares a wonderful story , as Gwyn Teatro says « one that clearly demonstrates the turning tide of leadership in this Century ».

A Man’s Undercover Mission into the World of Women Leaders

Sneak a peak into Men’s locker room (Davos!),  with Mark Palmer (a « man who gets it »!) at The Glass Hammer, after he attented The Power of Purse at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

« The two-hour session was like an intellectual popcorn popper; one profound observation shot up after another, and I frantically took notes. The conversation ricocheted between social, sexual, business, and emotional topics. »

Leadership: An Obstacle Course Or A Labyrinth

Roberta Hill at Eclectic Change outlines her views on the Future of Leadership: will it be an obstacle course or a labyrinth? What do women share which might give them an advantage in the Future ? Read further, if you want to discover it!

Leadership… and All That Jazz

Gwyn Teatro at You’re Not The Boss of Me, shares with Anne Perschell and me our vision of NOW Leadership « The music of 21st century leader is neither feminine or masculine. It is a third sound created in the previously unoccupied space where feminine and masculine attributes meet.  » Do you hear it? Could it be that Jazz Impro of Life?

« In fact, it is perhaps the jazz of life, (that stuff that requires spontaneity and improvisation), which transforms the vanilla of a well-ordered enterprise into something spiced with possibility and potential for greatness.

So it is with leadership. »

Urgently required: Balanced Corporate Cultures

Michele Mees at Femco, stimulating gender balance for superior personal and business performance, urges us to take action:

« When you dive into the practical side and start to question the performance of predominantly masculine corporate cultures, a different picture emerges. Both men and women find it hard to adhere to a different, more balanced corporate culture. It requires rethinking how we work together. It requires developing both our masculine and feminine inner poles. Scary 🙂 »

Whole People = Whole Organizations

Joe Gerstandt at Our Time to Act, gives us a powerful opportunity to take responsability and ACTION

« We do a great deal to get in the way of people bringing their whole selves to work and we do a great deal to get in the way of people having true and organic connections to their work and this is a big part of what must change.  This is why we need freedom fighters. Employees end up with truncated identities and trade their passion and ideals in for the rules to the game. »

Future of Women Relies on Whom?

Aida Rizvo at Women at IE Diversity Webblog, asks

« Can men be more effective advocates of gender equality? »

She comments the NYTimes provocative article, » Feminism of the Future relies on Men », by brilliant journalist Katrin Bennhold , and offers a very global, wise and whole vision of the future:

« The required cultural change will take its time – in some countries longer than in others. But for societal benefit, convincing men and women needs to continue.

Why women, you are wondering?

The stigmas, of being a bad mother or harmful effects for the child still exist. So when cultural change is needed and requested, changing unproven fears and old-fashioned views amongst women themselves, must be considered too.

So, all in all, the future of women relies on women, and men, and the co-operation of both. At the end, as always, it takes to two … »

What Is Masculinity?

Marion Chapsal ( et oui, c’est moi!) at Geronimo Leadership Coaching, explores the concept of Masculinity, starting with a personal story and taking us into the labyrinth of gender identities… It’s Carnival, let’s play and explore new roles!

Heart felt thanks to all our friends and colleagues who have contributed to this month’s carnival. You are each among the best colleagues we could hope for. Thank you. Together we are doing this NOW.

P.S. There were other excellent submissions. We’d like to have included each and every one but committed to make the cut at ten and are keeping that promise. We hope that all of you will continue to submit in the future.

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