What does it require to make a team?

According to Katzenbach & Smith(1993), the « official » definition of a team, given in any good Organizational Behavior book,is a  » Small group with complementary skills who hold themselves mutually accountable for common Purpose, Goals, and Approach . »
Who are the Team members?


In the beginnings of the story, the Incredible family is lacking from any common goals, Purpose, approach.
On the opposite, they have conflicting goals and objectives.
Helen strives for security, maintaining harmony and protecting her family from fame and being too visible. She’s quite controlling.
Bob longs to be recognized and to express openly his superpower. He is frustrated in a routine insurance job and has no leadership whatsoever.He has a secret life at night…
Violet wants to hide herself and retrieves herself from the family unit.
The Dash, like his father, is eager to show off and get the world’s admiration and recognition.
They stuff their feelings, they hide from each other, they suppress their fears and vulnerability.


It’s only when they are faced with a major crisis, bob’s disappearance, that they discover their Purpose.
They are united against the evil Buddy and his monster robot: their purpose is to save the world!
Their goals are to protect their family members and unity.
Their approach is a plan that allows everyone to contribute to the success of the team.


That is when each member of the team can eventually show their complementary skills, and  respect each other’s differences and talents, that they become an incredibly high-performing team.


The final victory is actually achieved thanks to the most ignored member of the family: the youngest and « powerless » baby, Jack-Jack.Like in most fairy tales, the third son, …or the the third daughter, the youngest child usually poor and helpless, gains some credit unexpectedly and reveals himself to be the Prince (or the Princess).Here, he has the power to assume the form of any superhero, to « shape shift », the mutable element…, the wonderful surprise!

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