« Biology is war in which only the fiercest survive »

« Businesses and nations succeed only by defeating, destroying and dominating competition.« 

« Politics is about your side winning at all costs. »

Sounds familiar?

This how Howard Rheigold started his TED Talk in 2005.He called it « The old story ».

Howard Rheigold is a writer, an artist and a designer, a theorist and community builder and he is one of the driving minds behind our net-enabled, open,
collaborative life.

He has helped us see » The new story « emerging. Let’s take a big leap of faith, for Christmas!

« It’s a narrative spread across a number of different disciplines, in which cooperation, collective action and complex interdependencies play a more important role. »

« And the central, but not all-important role of competition and survival of the fittest, shrinks just a little bit to make room… »

How does it look for public speaking and presentations?

  • No more emailing around of presentation files. Share your presentations
    with your friends/colleagues and the shared presentations can be
    viewed/edited with just a browser.
  • Open source: « In general, open source refers to any program whose source code is made
    available for use or modification as users or other developers see fit.
    Open source software is usually developed as a public collaboration and
    made freely available. » It is almost a synonymous for peer-to-peer , online, open, shareable, etc…

« B2B Sales & Marketing has
traditionally been driven by withholding information
. A tradition that is
turning on its head rapidly.
Social Media is changing all
People who
use to
run filters
now drive feedback. We’ve moved from a world of exclusives
to one of inclusives

My bet is that people who share information will out perform those who horde. »

by Ross Mayfield, in Slideshare’s blog, December 23rd 2009


How can you share your presentation online?

  • Share your presentation on your company ‘s website
  • Share your presentation on your blog
  • Share your presentation on You Tube
  • Use presentation sharing websites like Slideshare

Slideshare is turning the whitepaper industry on its head
with a Business product
called LeadShare
. Lead generation is done in the context of a professional
sharing community. You can provide the lead form in the middle or end of a
presentation, whitepaper or webinar. This lets marketers engage through sharing
the actual content before posing a more natural, “want to learn more?” to an
engaged prospect

  • Collaborative presentation software: Too many to quote them, but let me give you two examples of softwares I have tested. First one is the most famous, it’s free and it’s Google Apps.Google Docs is Google’s « software as a service » version of an office suite.
    Simple and basic, very user friendly. The other is SlideRocket. Fantastic, have a look!
  • Collaborative presentation platforms: All you need is a browser and a good internet connection. No additional software is needed: just like with  Present.io It has « dead simple rich web-presentation
    functionality. no registration, no downloads, no installs. You can
    upload your presentation files (documents, pictures, video, audio, and
    more) and be giving your demo or walkthrough in seconds. With a free
    conference call line and rich chat functionality, you have just what
    you need. » Or Zohoo Show 2.0.

How to protect your work?

Creative commons licences, copyrights When you think of presenting your content online, you may also want to make sure you protect your copyrights.For more information on copyright, watch this great and simple slideshare presentation about copyright and creative collaboration

Story of how I started as a facilitator and trainer:

When I started facilitating  Leadership and Communication Skills for MBA students and executives at EM School of Management of Lyon,more than 15 years ago,I had a fantastic mentor.

Her name is Marie-Claire Gaittet, she’s still consulting and coaching, and still my mentor, at a little more than 70 year old now…

If it hadn’t been for her generosity and collaborative spirit, I would never have learned the key teaching and facilitation skills required in our profession.

She invited me into her training and master classes and gave me a floor to express myself.

She also shared all the documents I needed, the articles for the bibliography, but also the participants handouts and , most precious, her slides.

These were not slides but « transparents » for retro projector (it seems so long ago!). As soon as we started to use powerpoint, she would also share them with me. »The value »,- she would tell me, « is in the facilitation and teaching you’re doing, not in the visual aids! »

However, I also remember a colleague of ours, who would never share any PPT, systematically erase every note on the white board, and even (this is true!), tear down the paperboard she had used and take it with her so that nobody could « steal » her ideas…

Crazy, isn’t it?

How do YOU share your presentation? What tool do you use?

Have you ever had bad experiences of sharing? Or, on the opposite, excellent surprises?

Do you use any other web conferencing software?

This is the 5th part of a series about Your Next presentation, a look in the Future!

When you prepare for Your Next presentation:

  1. Make it Simple

  2. Make it Short

  3. Make it Personal

  4. Make it Interactive

  5. Make it Collaborative

  6. Make it Fun!

Next post will be on why  your presentation should be more fun with some tips!

A little teaser, thanks to John Zimmer. A short video with Lucy and Linus from the Charlie Brown soundtrack. Enjoy!

Wishing you a Happy Christmas! Joyeux Noel!

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