Are you about to make a presentation?Woman speaking in public

Are you wondering how others can see you?

Would you like to learn how to dramatically and quickly improve your performance?

Video Yourself!

What Speaking coach Mike Landrum says, interviewed by Marc Ragan, is plain simple:

  • The first step of any kind of learning has to be "self-awareness"
  • Most of us, when we're in a presentation mode, might be self-conscious, but not self-aware
  • Video enables us to see ourselves from the point of view of the audience
  • Preparing with Video shortens the learning curve

I love Marc Ragan videos. They're short,entertaining and packed with practical tips.

  Watch Mike Landrum video ,where he  discusses the
biggest stumbling block of speakers, how video can improve their performance,
and the problem with using PowerPoint in speeches.

If You can watch this video here, on my blog, it's thanks to Twitter ,Rebecca Renner ,Krzys Baszton and Jonathan Thomas.

Twitter - Jon Thomas- One of the best 5min #pres ... 

In my next post, I will tell you how a flip camera can save Your Next Presentation!

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