Can't you sleep, little bear?

 "Don't worry sweetheart, I 'll bring my iPhone!"

Just imagine yourself, with your kid or grandchild, reading his (her) favorite bedtime story,with a classic children book

Grandmother reading story bedtime

 and …your iPhone!


Watch this incredible (very short 1:53 min) video where a classical children book is being read WITH the kid, thanks to an iPhone touch screen inserted in the book (I love the moment when the little red fishes are attracted like magnets by the finger)


"I was completely blown away by this video the first time through. Such a simple, low-tech, solution produces such an amazingly rich, engaging experience that’s just bursting with possibility for further creativity.

While it’s just a concept at this point, you can see how it can make a new kind of storytelling available to the masses in a way that wouldn’t have seemed possible not that long ago."

Alex Rainert. His twitter bio:" I love design. I'm partial to the intersection of mobility & social behavior. Years ago I co-founded dodgeball. I currently run the Design group at Schematic NY".

So, what does it have to do with Presentation Skills and Public Speaking?


I see the future of Presentations including Storytellinginteractivity and creativity.

I'm not sure yet how it will be implemented, but there is room for innovation, and this could just be fantastic!

Imagine if we could design workshop books and masterclass like that?

Our audience would be able to follow what we say and show and at the same time experience with their touch the discovery of new concepts…, at their own rythm.

Therefore, we need to develop storytelling skills, as well as creative narrative design and skills.

I'd love to collaborate with designers and learning experts to create innovative learning tools…

Mixing the most ancient oral tradition with the most sophisticated technology.

Anyone interested?

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