All those silent skies and planes all grounded has got me thinking. What if the Icelandic Volcano Ash never cleared? What if this was the end of travel as we know it? Could the technology we have now enable us to carry on and communicate and have relationships with people that we never met? The huge growth in technology-based communication tools such as Twitter and Facebook show us that online communication is growing at an ever faster pace – our clients are talking to each other online all the time, so why not to us as their coaches?

And at the same time I was thinking about people I know that are stranded abroad and can't get home. If that was you, and that was your business, could your business manage without you? Personally I want to build a business that could still bring me in money if I was stuck away from home stranded like those people (or more realistically when I'm out doing the school run or walking in the vineyards!).

There's a webinar coming up next week I'm going along to, that is going to teach exactly that –  this video will give you a taster of what it's about (watch it just to hear the beautiful music!) – will you join me? Click here for your free place 

JigsawBox from Nicola Bird on Vimeo.

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