Are you a Traditionalist, a Baby Boomer, a Gen X, a Gen Y or Millennial, or a Gen 2020? (well, I doubt you’re reading my blog now if you’re under 12…)

In 2020, companies will have to adapt to five generations at work. Read in the excellent Harvard Business Blog the article by visionary writer Jeanne Meister Are You Ready To Manage Five generations of Workers?


Quick recap (and ages do change according to the sources, this one is from Grown Up Digital, by Don Tapscott, quoted from Jeanne Meister‘s fantastic blog, New Learning Playbook.

  1. Traditionalists, born prior to 1946
  2. Baby Boomers*, born between 1946 and 1964
  3. Gen X, born between 1965 and 1976
  4. Millennials, born between 1976 and 1997
  5. Gen 2020, born after 1997

How will it impact you and your business presentations?

  • Getting familiar with each generation and developing curiosity and tolerance
  • Developing flexibility to adapt to different generations
  • Adopting new technologies (mobile devices, interactive presentations on line, podcasts…)
  • Integrating social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn,You Tube, etc…)

Are you ready?

If not, what new skills will you need to develop?

What other skills do you think we might need in order to better collaborate together, all generations ?



*I thought I was a Gen X. Born in late 1962 (my birthday’s tomorrow!), I definitely identify with Gen X »s tastes and preferences  The proof is that I used to love Scoubidoo!:-)

I think generation isn’t so much a matter of chronological age, as it is a matter of what your cultural touchstones are. What events define your personal recollection, the differences in upbringing and outlook on history. But that’s another story…



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